Gun store in the Philippines: NASHE ENTERPRISES


NASHE ENTERPRISES Mission Statement:

To promote responsible gun ownership by providing our clients overviews of safety gun handling.
It is further our goal to reach higher level of performance, competitive advantage while providing our clients the best possible services without neglecting our personnel development and enhancements.


NASHE ENTERPRISES was founded in 1989 by its young and energetic President, Jane Nacisvalencia-Roxas. She started importing products through a supplier in Singapore and the United States. The Company has grown tremendously in a couple of years expanding to 4 provincial branches in Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao. It got its first exclusive distributorship contract with Corbon Bullet Manufacturing in Michigan in 1991. Then came Vector product from South Africa in 1993 and Heckler and Koch in 1994. In 1995, negotiation with Russian Kalashnikov products was initiated. In 1996 and 1997, exclusive contracts with Sako rifles from Finland and Walter P99 pistol from Germany were granted. In year 2000 exclusive rights if Armalite, Inc. U.S.A. Les Baer, Springfield Armory U.S.A. also granted. We carry a lot of product lines such as Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Blackhawk products, CAA Tactical, GSG, Saiga, Benelli, Franchi, Glock, United Shield International, Kriss Super V, Pakistan Ordnance Factory, Dillon Precision Products, Sig-Sauer, BSA Guns and optics, Militec International, Ajax Custom grips, Zastava, Tisas, Canik 55, Truglo, Fobus, Galco, Sabre Pepper Gas, Promag, Brownells, Maxpedition, Laser Devises, STI guns, Peacekeeper Batons, Para-Ordinance, Desert Eagle, North American Arms, Keltec, Khar Arms, Beretta, Theoben, Webley, Feinwerkbau, Kimber America , Beretta, and Cobra Firearms.

We also carry firearm accessories, parts ,armor vest, armor plates,night vision, and other related products. Can make special order as per items needed.

NASHE derived its name from the first two letter of the Nacisvalencia "girl" family name Na and She speaks for its lady president, Jane.

The Company has a lot of items including top of the line accessories for firearms and related products. It has one Gun Club under the supervision of Marksman Shooting Club. Its license to manufacture ammunition (FILMOSC Corp) for local and export supplies will go along way towards competitive advantage in the future.

Has attended series of SHOTSHOWS in the U.S., IWA show in Germany, ASIA DEFENSE show in Malaysia, EUROSATORY in France and AIR SHOW in Indonesia in order to have knowledge of what new products to add on to our line. Has also sponsored the 1st NASHE- AIRFORCE shooting competition by using tennis bowling pins as targets.

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