Biometric Gun Holster Safe


Biometric Gun Holster Safe

There are two schools of thought when it comes to securing firearms.

The first is to lock them up, and the second is to find a means to hide them. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and regrettably, binary thinking has limited us in options for both hiding and securing guns.

Well, until now.

It’s really kind of surprising that up till recently that no one really attempted to combine the concept of hiding a gun, and locking it up.

Hidden safes are nothing new, however fast accessibility hidden storage compartments for weapons have actually begun to become popular over the past few years. Book shelves that pop open and mirrors and paintings that slide to expose a home defense weapon are becoming an incredibly popular choice.

Part of the appeal, at least to me, is the secretive nature of hidden and disguised gun safes. Being able to store a gun behind a mirror in my living room makes me feel like an American James Bond, and happens to be a fashionable means to conceal your weapons and valuables at the same time. Biometric Gun Holster Safe

Why A Hidden Gun Safe?


The thing about crooks is that safes draw them in. More than anything, a nice safe is sure to consist of treasures a crook would love to get their hands on. With enough time and the right tools, no safe is uncrackable.

This is where a hidden or a camouflaged gun safe comes in.

Thieves might be able to crack a safe, but only if they can find it. A good sized metal safe is quite easy to locate. A safe built into the wall behind a mirror? Not so easy.

Being discrete means being smart. A hidden gun safe is smart, and a big metal gun safe is brutish. Both have their place, and, as I always say, you can be strong or you can be smart.

In some circumstances, a large and capable safe might not be possible. As an example, if you live in an apartment several stories above the ground floor, you might not be even allowed to have a safe because of weight restrictions. Hidden safes tend to be smaller and lightweight.


Easy Home Intrusion Scenario


If your coffee table is housing a Mossberg 590A1 loaded with 8 shots of Federal Flitecontrol buckshot, you have an immediate bad guy cure. If your door is getting kicked in, you want to have the ability to respond with extreme prejudice right?

A wide variety of hidden gun safes are designed to resemble common pieces of household furniture to ensure that they can be kept in plain sight without a second look from visitors or criminals. This likewise gives you the capability to surreptitiously position firearm storage throughout your home.

If you have the funds and the will you could be in arm’s reach of a firearm, prepared for home invaders, zombies, etc.


Losing One Isn’t Losing All


When you put numerous hidden safes in your house, you are raising the possibilities of one of them being discovered. I mean, it’s a pretty basic possibility that a residence with ten hidden safes is more likely to have one found than a residence with 1 hidden gun safe.

But the trade-off is pretty good. Sure, ten safes are easier to find than one, however having one safe with every one of your firearms accessed is much more of an issue than having one safe with about a tenth of your guns accessed.

And also, by ensuring that safes are well hidden or disguised one can minimize the possibility of a safe being found.




Hidden gun safes are terrific, they are a clever way to protect your firearms and have them ready at a moment’s notice. That being said, lets be real here, at the end of the day it is no more than a secured hidden cabinet. Let’s take a look at some negative aspects to be aware of.




The majority of these hidden gun safes are not fireproof. A coffee table that conceals guns is still simply a coffee table. This is something to bear in mind, and probably means you should have some kind of insurance on your guns.


If It’s Discovered, It’s Gone


A good safe (huge, heavy and expensive) that’s hard to crack is going to keep a great deal of criminals out. They understand they might not have the time to completely crack the safe and move on smashing and grabbing as they go.

If the burglar is smashing and grabbing and happens to break your desk, a clock, or a coffee table holding a gun that gun is gone. It wouldn’t take much more than a hammer to break into most of these safes. If they merely discover a locked hidden safe they may simply take the entire thing with them.


Rules to Using Hidden Gun Safes


Shut Up!

OPSEC also known as Operational Security is important for a hidden gun or disguised safe. If you start showing and telling close friends, then they are bound to talk about it, because a Mossberg in a coffee table is cool. The more people who know, the more likely it’ll get to the ears of less honest people.


Is it Really Hidden?

Does the supposedly hidden safe attract attention? Is there something that makes your hidden gun safe look just a bit too bulky? Is the reason for the hidden compartment just a little obvious? Is your clock pistol safe actually set and on display? Think about these things.


Don’t Just Store a Gun


Include a flashlight, additiona ammo and magazines, and other accessories you may need in a violent circumstance.


Don’t Give Yourself Away


Have lots of ammo cans, accessories, boxes with gun company logos, etc around your house? These are good ways to let burglars know you have guns, and if they can not find a safe they might get suspicious. So stash the rest of your stuff well.


Our Recommendation


As we mentioned earlier, both big burly gun safes and hidden gun safes have their place. Although a hidden gun safe isn’t a “safe” in the traditional sense, it does have TONS of value for home defense. A huge safe does offer more secure protection, but is not practical for quick access to my firearm in a pinch. Personally I actually have both. I have the majority of my weapons in a large safe, and hidden gun safes in tactical areas that no one has ever noticed before.

It will not be stolen if they can not find it, or simply does not realize it exists, which is the idea. A wise man once said “the only gun that will do you any good is the one they don’t know you have”.

The best company for quality that will not cost a fortune is Timber Vaults. Timber Vaults are the best quality concealment shelves in the business without the high cost. If you want a hidden gun shelf that builds confidence because you can trust its construction and still have it look like it belongs in your house, this is for you. I can’t say enough concerning the Timber Vault gun concealments we tested. They work great and look good enough to belong in any kind of home arrangement. They also come in different finishes to match your home decor. Based upon quality, looks, and simplicity of use we confidently recommend Timber Vaults for gun concealment. Biometric Gun Holster Safe

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